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CCH® Elite

The CCH® Elite feeder is a high capacity erosion (HCE) feeder that is compact and lightweight with a modular design. The feeder uses CCH® calcium hypochlorite tablets that work in conjunction to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean and sanitized water. This innovative feeder system is easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration for small to large commercial pools.

CCH Elite

CCH® Endurance

With the simplicity of an erosion feeder, the CCH® Endurance feeder’s streamlined design is easy to install and service requir­ing minimal operator attention. Constructed with an easy to load cartridge to control dosing and drain port to prevent spills, the CCH® Endurance feeder is the go-to low maintenance option. Together with our slow dissolve calcium hypochlorite tablets, this innovative system affords you all the convenience of traditional trichlor feeder systems with all the benefits of a non-stabilized calcium hypochlorite system.

The CCH® Endurance Feeder System is the CYA free, no-drip, slow-dissolving, low maintenance alternative for commercial pool chlorination!

CCH® pH Control System

If you are using the new CCH® Endurance feeder or a traditional CCH® calcium hypochlorite feeder, then the new CCH® pH Control system can help maintain proper pH levels in your pool, spa or water feature.