Commercial Spa and Pool Chlorination

Now is the time to upgrade to the latest in high-tech commercial spa and pool performance delivering clear and sparkling water time and time again!

Who is CCH®?

CCH® is an industry leader in developing cyanuric free disinfection solutions that help ensure bathers enjoy a clean, sparkling, and healthy pool in commercial spas and pools. CCH® is your Commercial spa and pool chlorination solution for hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums and athletic facilities. We specialize in powerful automated feed systems and disinfection solutions to make professional spa and pool treatment easy to achieve. We are committed to adding value to our products through service and support and strive to meet evolving community, state, and national water standards, while responding to health and wellbeing concerns with innovative solutions. Our dedicated customer service and technical support teams are on call to answer any questions you may have about our systems, products, and solutions.
CCH Elite Feeder

The New CCH® Elite

The CCH® Elite feeder is a high capacity erosion (HCE) feeder that is compact and lightweight with a modular design. The feeder uses CCH® calcium hypochlorite tablets that work in conjunction to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean and sanitized water. This innovative feeder system is easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration for small to large commercial pools.

What They're Saying About CCH® Feeder Systems

NEW CCH® Elite How To Videos for Troubleshooting!

BRAND-NEW! Check out the  troubleshooting videos for your CCH® Elite feeder.

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