The Difference is Clear with CCH® Poolcare Systems

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When choosing between chlorinating with either calcium hypochlorite or bleach, you should be aware of the multiple advantages calcium hypochlorite has over bleach.

Benefits of Calcium Hypochlorite:

  • The only sanitization method that chlorinates, removes organics, boosts hardness, & shock treats in ONE PROCESS

  • CCH® calcium hypochlorite chlorination systems generate hypochlorite solution on site, making only as much as the pool needs

  • The shelf life is much longer than that of bleach
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High-Tech Commercial Pool Disinfection with Powerful Performance

The CCH® Elite 30 feeder is a high capacity erosion (HCE) feeder that is compact and lightweight with a modular design.

The feeder uses CCH® Tablets that produces a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean and sanitized water. This innovative feeder system is easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration for small to medium size commercial pools.

Switch to the CCH® Elite 30 Feeder System, delivering clear and sparkling water time and time again!