The NEW CCH® Elite 30

Your pool water maintenance and sanitation solution — the Elite 30 Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) system takes the guesswork out of chlorine and leaves your pool water cleaner and clearer for longer.

That means less time and money spent over a longer period of time.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Dry Formula

Cal Hypo tablets have a longer shelf life than traditional liquid bleach and eliminate the need for additional balancing chemicals. A high-concentration provides steady sanitation and clarity over a longer period than bleach.

Added Safety Measures

Tablets are more cost effective to ship and easier for staff to store and handle without worry of spilling or hazardous clean-up. A built-in failsafe prevents overstabilization of pool water and helps protect operators.

Automated Operation

The auto-feeding system ensures your pool water gets the treatment it needs when it needs it, removing manual operation from the process and freeing up more of your time.

High Performance Feeder Features

  • Consistent chlorine delivery
  • Intuitive design minimizes maintenance requirements and allows for easy access to internal components
  • Injection-molded components hold up to the strongest elements
  • High-capacity erosion technology with the benefits of a venturi
  • Optional booster pump

CCH® Tablet Benefits

  • Cal Hypo formula won’t overstabilize pool water
  • Dry formulation is easy to handle and store
  • Does not cause oxidation-reduction potential
  • Highly concentrated tablets reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach

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