Less Maintenance, More Sparkle

The NEW CCH® Elite 30

Easier pool water maintenance is here! CCH® Elite 30 is a precision Cal Hypo (calcium hypochlorite) system that features a high capacity erosion (HCE) feeder—resulting in less input and more output.

Are you ready for clear, sparkling pool water that lasts?

Less Input. More Output.

The new CCH® Elite 30 feeder system is compact, lightweight and easy to use! It features new feeder technology and a patent pending diffuser that removes solids and provides consistent chlorination for up to 100,000 gallons of pool water. This equates to less work maintaining and better results.

Longer Lasting, Powerful Performance

When used with CCH® tablets, this innovative feeder provides powerful performance and long-lasting results. The tablets create a fresh, concentrated liquid chlorine solution that provides steady sanitization—for safe, clean pool water that sparkles brighter, longer.

More Performance, Minimal Maintenance

Designed to minimize maintenance requirements, the high performance feeder provides consistent chlorine delivery with high capacity erosion technology and the benefits of a venturi system. The injection molded components hold up to the strongest elements while the convenient design allows for easy access to internal components.

CCH® Tablets Benefits
  • Won’t overstabilize pool
  • More concentrated than liquid bleach
  • Dry, easy to handle formulation
  • Will not cause reduction of ORP
  • Highly concentrated to reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach

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