CCH® Chemicals

Why Calcium Hypochlorite is the BEST Choice!

A 3-in-1 product that chlorinates consistently, increases calcium to protect plaster and balances alkalinity to stabilize pH!

CCH® Tablets

Our high quality tablets are made exclusively for our feeders

  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Effective alternative to chlorine gas and liquid bleach
  • Contain a scale inhibitor for improving feeder maintenance
  • Easy  to transport and use
  • Dry chemical does not leak
  • Reduces chloramine odors dramatically when compared to bleach
  • Calcium hypochlorite is less damaging on plaster and equipment

CCH® Slow Dissolve Tablets

Benefits of Contemporary Sanitization in a Slow-Dissolve Formula Tablet

CCH® Endurance Tablets are non-stabilized, and do not contain cyanuric acid. Stabilized sanitizers like trichlor contain cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid can help stabilize pH and will be measured in a pool water total alkalinity test, but carbonate alkalinity is needed to protect pool surfaces. Low carbonate alkalinity can lead to corrosion and plaster damage. The calcium in CCH® Endurance Tablets helps to protect the plaster, extending ​the life of the pool.

  • Slow dissolve
  • Works with ORP sensors and will not cause reduction of ORP
  • Exclusive, patent pending technology
  • Does not contain CYA
  • Class 2 oxidizer
The CCH® Pro line features three NSF 50 certified pool maintenance products! With a more concentrated formula, available in 5 gallon containers and dosed with an automated pump, the CCH® Pro Line makes commercial pool care and maintenance easier!


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